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Each of our apartments and houses have a unique vibe and prime location in the Charleston, IL area. We stand by our motto, “If we wouldn’t live there, neither should you.” Whether you are looking for an apartment for student housing close to the Eastern Illinois University campus or a residential house for the family, we have options for you! As a growing real estate property management team, we have a variety of rental units ranging from upscale, renovated houses to economical and affordable apartments.

Come visit Eastern Illinois Properties in Charleston and let us make our house your home.

Here at Eastern Illinois Properties, our passion is Real Estate. Our main focus is attributing value to the area through our properties and our goal is to make our house your home.

We take pride in our safe and affordable housing and stand by the idea that if we wouldn’t live there, then neither should you.

Being a full service property management company, we are able to provide a variety of options to the Charleston and Eastern Illinois communities as well as flexible leasing alternatives.

We are confident that we have the assets needed to make your living situation a breeze. So come visit us or set up a showing to see what we have to offer you!

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Come visit Eastern Illinois Properties in Charleston and let us make our house your home.

What People Say

Kayla Smith

They made my move into a more updated apartment at a cheaper price than I was paying before. They did all the hunting for me and I was able to pick the most beneficial place. Recommend going to them especially as a college student.

Neco Shipp

I really love my apartment. When I moved in things where in a descent and smooth condition. The Staff is excellent and show so much hospitality. Maintenance is awesome as well because any inconvenience was taken care of right away. Trust me give them a try I believe you’ll like the properties they have to offer.

Erin Hower

By far the best place to rent. Our experience was the best for the 1st year, so I decided to renew my lease. Attentive and respond immediately. Friendly staff and nice maintenance.

Tyler Williams

Great team over there. I worked with Chase and he was very helpful. They helped with my requests and issues!

Samantha Orr

I'm now on my third year with living with EIP, and through out my stay they have always been understanding of outside situations and try to accommodate the tenants situations in order to make their lives a little easier. Any issue that we've had that needed maintenance has been fixed in a timely manner. The staff is always friendly when going into the office, and I've stayed and chatted with the staff on multiple occasions. My family loves renting through this company and will continue to do so until we move on to getting buying our own home.

David Bender

My wife, kids and I have rented from EIP for 3 years now, a 6 bedroom/3 bathroom. If something breaks, they send someone to fix it in a timely manner. It's a nice place and it's well maintained.